May 9, 2013


When discussing a certain past event, that is the Punk: Chaos to Couture themed gala hosted at the met this past Monday, the inevitable "best/worst dressed" conversation took a different turn when a friend claimed "SJP was so unattractive, no man would ever like that". I felt responsible to contradict such foolish statement if not because that, in fact, happened to be my favorite outfit of the night, but because I was outraged by the idea of her judging outfits by their level of man attracting. Has Man Repeller taught you nothing? Have I (a friend of 3 years) taught you nothing?

I feel as if it's my duty to remind you, ladies, to dress for your own special self only. When dressing think not of the points you score from opposite sex (or same, do your thing) but of the way you feel walking around in that clothes. Does it make you feel like yourself? Does yourself want to experiment and feel like a different self through different clothes? And most importantly, do you feel confident in such clothes? Because remember, the best thing a woman can wear is her confidence.


  1. Haha totally true :)
    Thank you for your kind comment ! we can follow each other if you want ? let me know ^^


  2. Agreed! Confidence is everything. You could be wearing vintage Chanel but if you don't feel good in it it's the same as wearing something cheap.

    Great post. Best, x