March 28, 2013


What the hell is a closet game? It's this game I made up where there is only one rule - create an outfit with a limited amount of clothes - and tons of exceptions. 
This game, particularly, is channeling my infatuation with 3.1 Phillip Lim. If you haven't noticed already. To make the game easier, you simple pick a couple key items and stick to them. In this case it's a 3.1 Phillip Lim I Heart Nueva York Upside-down t-shirt, which comes in a variety of colors and a bedazzled option. I don'k know about you, but I'm counting the days till it goes on sale. Another key item is this golden clutch because, baby, metallic is the new neutral and that is a fact.  And last but not least, is this sexy pair of Louboutins, because if you pick one item to be that, make it shoes. 

For option a. look no further than up. The promised key items accompanied by a pair of very well fitting, slightly distressed, semi-boyfriend J Brands. Now that we've got out butts covered, throw on this embroidered jacket and do I need to say more?

Option b. repeats the key items (see: rules) but instead of jeans there's another 3.1 appearance - this genius silk skirt with a shirt tied around the waist (the butt) ALREADY. He made it for you. How thoughtful is that? If dressed in the items count, I would feel sort of naked because any outfit to me feels naked unless there are layers involved. So here, a Proenza Schouler denim jacket to save the day. 

And finally, option c. is featuring an item so pink and so suede it's hard to grasp and so I shall reevaluate. Metallic, laquer red, pink suede. Enough said. I thew in a shirt to tie around your waist for a good measure but you don't have to. 

How 3.1 are you? Do tell. 

March 27, 2013


As I was checking my e-mail this morning a certain subject caught my attention. "Get ready for Spring, new arrivals in shoes" read the message from Alexander Wang himself. Well, maybe not himself, but maybe, just maybe himself. Did I lose you yet?

Back to the e-mail, filled with fresh Spring footwear, where I quickly found myself drawn to a particular pair (see above, but please never mind the toe situation), of course, in white. Why? Because white is the color of spring and probably summer too. 

This Oscar de la Renta shoe basically shouts "The Spring has sprung and so have I!"

Are you into the kind of shoe that actually covers at least 1/2 of your foot? YSL SLP (I can't.) has got you covered. Ah, the classic pump... 

But what if you, like I, live in New York, or any other public-transportation-challenged, due to parking space personal-vehicle-deprived city you're probably laughing at out as you read this. To those who don't - because these heels are made for anything BUT walking. So what's us girls to do? One word. Sneakers. They are comfortable, practical and guess what? That's right, they too come in white. Just look at these high-top beauties by Philippe Model. 

Are you convinced yet? No? See for yourself. Isabel Marant knows what's up, you should know by now. 

And if you're wondering if there are options that do not require selling your liver on black market, the answer is yes and I recommend the high-top Supergas, which just happen to be on sale for $56

I expect you all to have at least one pair of white shoes by May or else... 

March 18, 2013


You know what I appreciate in Fashion like nobody's business? Functionality.

Give me a pair of shoes so comfortable I can wear them to get my morning coffee slash run errands slash go to dinner and I will wear them to bed. Not that I go to bed wearing shoes. But you know, well, you know.

That is exactly why, it was no surprise the moment I discovered these babies, I knew I need to have them. Drawing all you attention to the particular pair I collaged into the bottom right. A pair of Alexander Wang pointy toe shoes that (dun dun dun) glow in the dark. I mean, glow in the dark people. I take this as a sign, the universe is ordering me to go to a rave party and who am I to disagree.

Now that I've gotten that out of my system, I think it's about time we discuss what is known as a silk skirt but is actually a dream come true and all by 3.1 Phillip Lim. No longer shall we be bothered to retie the shirt around our butts, because Phillip has taken care of it once and for all. Thought: should I  DIY and stitch the shit out of my shirts attaching them to my skirts/dresses? Hang in there thought.

Pierre Hardy clutch that I would have in every produced color combination if I could.

R13 t shirts that are basically making my list of essential items to own in ones' wardrobe.

Repossi pink gold ring that probably costs more than everything else listed all together, including the piece of machinery I'm typing on right now.

And last but not least the sky blue suede Acne biker jacket. My heart melted as I typed the description, it's a fact, and that is why I will discuss this bit of happiness another time.

What do you think about this outfit? Do you think about it at all? Let me know.


If this season and its multiple fashion weeks taught me one thing for sure, it's that this is officially a Cara Delevigne world. And unless you live under the rock you are aware of that. But what if you do live under that very same rock? Then I suggest you stick around because for you, and you only, I took the liberty of making a collage, where I've incorporated Cara in variety of colors and textures, and it's right here (virtually drawing an arrow that points up).

See? Told ya.

March 8, 2013



Girls! Girls! Girls!
Really cheering for this one, because well, I am a girl myself. I'm also well aware of the fact that it's not Ciara singing out the lyrics above but try to find an image channeling woman power better than Ciara's drop crotch and I will replace it. Just kidding, I won't. Commitment, people.
That being said, Happy Women's Day. Let us keep running that very same world and maybe, just maybe, one day have arms as structural as Ciara's.