April 30, 2013


I let Fran borrow some of my jewels today and you know what? I loved it. I don't know whether she did (the disguised Mona-Lisa-type-smile is telling me she is feeling chains half wrapped around her neck), but I loved it. That led to a tiny, baby observation. 

When I was younger I used to wear so many bracelets on my arms, it seemed as if I was doing it on purpose to work out muscles or something. Braceletes ranged from the ones of friendship variety, to memory, event, travel souvenir, DIY and a bunch of other shit I couldn't remember if I wanted to. Same happend to my neck and my fingers. But as I grew older my love for jewelry has grown into something bigger too. It now has become more of a habit. The habit in its turn has modified itself into something more flexible and daily basis friendly: a couple gold chains around my neck, and a few knuckle rings on my, duh, knuckles.

An even smaller observation which occurred to me as I was typing and having an intimate moment with Fran, don't feminine necklaces and a boyfriend (or whatever) white button down look rad combined together?


Sample sales are coming to town, sample sales are coming to town! (Sung to the tune of guess what?)
Now that the musical opening is out of the way, let's get right to the point as the information is extremely time sensitive. Below are the dates and locations of the hottest sample sales of the month and you better get on that shit. 

April 22 - May 5
430 West 14th Street

April 24 - April 26
148 West 24th Street

April 24 - April 28
20 West 36th Street

April 26 - April 27
76 Mercer Street 

May 2 - May 4
217 Center Street

Oh, and do you see the pair of Phillip Lims above? Eighty USD for these guys. I know, right?!

April 27, 2013


This one's for the weekend, for the weather that's finally withdrawing from seasonal depression of its own, for liquid diet, for all things tropical (see: live pineapple print), for brighter sunsets, longer nights, and above all shorts.

Hashtag bare skin. Hashtag vitamin D.

April 25, 2013


Some people celebrate Thursday posting awkward photos of themselves, such as picking noses (best case) being cute and angelic, just laughing and playing with their siblings, parents, whomever, just living their lives not having a clue who Beyonce is. I said Beyonce. How do you even live not knowing who she is?! We were a big fat lie, but no more. This Thursday we are celebrating Beyonce x H&M, jaw dropping at her curves, and wishing we were at that very same beach with Queen Bee. 

Pro: Beyonce. Duh.
Con: Running off to H&M to slip in one of those pieces only to have that gut dropping over your bottoms slap the shit out of you right back into reality. 

TBH no more. Hashtag Bee Hive. 


A couple weeks back I stopped by Culture Fix, a gallery in the LES, for something completely unrelated, to find a bunch of these gems covering the walls. I instantly got drawn to the illustration style and the monochromatic quality. 

I walked closer and fell in love. The drawings are mean, they are hilarious, narcissistic, sarcastic, and urban in that New York sort of way.
I mingled around and met the awesome Anne Emond, the brain behind the series. Also, she never said the following, but I'm convinced the drawings are based on herself because she too had black hair and wore red lipstick. I think this is enough evidence, don't you?

You what's even awesomer? (I know it's not a word, asshole.) She gave me this link to her tumblr which she updates regularly, but this is not why I'm sharing this here, right now. I'm sharing this because it's a Thursday and I'm a good person, and this is what good people do. 


April 17, 2013


Here's a disclaimer: I wish I was French. Such a fucking cliche, and yet I still wish. I wish I had the perfect messy hair look. I wish I did not have to work for my body, instead just naturally be slim and have that model quality. I wish I could throw on a pair of jeans and look like the most stylish kid on the block. I wish I looked cool with a cigarette (I just don't). I took (still taking) french in college but can't get the desired pronunciation to save my own ass. And how cool would it be to talk about philosophy with the same amount of casualty as I do when I discuss an article on Thought Catalogue? 
I wish, I wish. I really do. But hey, the rest of us aren't that bad either, are we? We work with what we've got and that I believe only makes us more special and unique. 

If by this point you're wondering what the hell is it that I'm ranting about, it's just that I saw this croissant shaped clutch by Charlotte Olympia, a woman genius. And thought to myself "Wouldn't it be cool, if I were to wake up in Paris..." ok, ok, I'm done. 

Au revoir, bitches! 

April 16, 2013


Last week Australia held a Fashion Week of its own and thank heavens Tommy Ton was there to monumentalize the event. Right off the bat here is where it's all at, so yeah. 
One of my favorite things about Fashion Weeks in general, is that there always is one somewhere. But don't let the fact that it's somewhere else intimidate you. You live in the age where social networks dominate one on one interaction. Geographic boundaries no more. Australia, mate.  
Will the Zimmerman blazer above ever tire me? Absolutely not. Tie that shirt around your waist, and not because you have cramps but because cover that bo-tey. Look awesome while doing so, too. 

Could the lady in the image preceding this sentence possibly make it as a third female member of Abba? She certainly could. My mom in the early ninety's. The winner takes it all.   

Pay particular attention to the silk bomber above I came this close to buying at Zara. Because Zara secretly thinks it's Phillip Lim and she is damn right to be confused. Patterns and prints, mix and match. I think I know what you're about Oz, and I like it.

How New York is this situation below? Acne + enormous printed silk cropped pants + Balenciaga. Downright cool. I think I might be in love.

Blogger Susie Bubble is in a pink bubble, wearing pink shades. Rocking them too. Girl, where'd you get this coat at?

April 15, 2013


Trends are always there. They emerge like phoenix from the ashes of trends before them, and the later before the previous. I have confused my own damn self. But I'm back at it. Trends, being there, give you an option- to follow or not to follow- a philosophical conundrum that has left many fashion lovers awake at night. Ah, the drama. But guess what? Not everything has to be planned and though through. Every once in a while a trend so fun will come back we will have have no other option but to follow.
Tassels. Seven letters (if plural, if not- six). One smiley face. Heck, one too many smiley faces. Wear them on your feet as seen at Jimmy Choo and Sophia Webster. Carry it squezzed tight in between your armpit even though it's Dolce & Gabbana, or even Accessorize. Hang it around your neck, the options here are as limited as the sky above our heads a. Akong London b. Dezso by Sara Beltran c. Sass and Bide. Schotch and Soda will wrap around your wrist in the best way possible while the D&G earrings will never leave your ear lobes unnoticed.
Am I missing something so great (must include tassels!) that it hurts? Let me know! Bye!


Once a year, a certain event inexplicably triggers the populations of the world move to the west coast of our awesome country and dress as hippies. I'm talking tie dye, I'm talking flowers nested in hair, booty cutoffs, neons, Urban Outfitters at large. Unless you live under a rock (exception: not a desert rock) you've probably guessed it, I'm talking Coachella. The very same event every designer, publication, store, anyone with an Instagram account has a polyvored packing suggestion prepared for you weeks in advance. With so much hype around it, as the first weekend came to the end, I could not wait to see how the desert population interpreted the fashion. 

Alessandra Ambrosio is just like: "Coachella? I got this." I mean, do you see this hat? Do you see her arms stacked with passes that suggest she has not missed a single party that weekend? Do you see the rest?  Peasant blouse, check. Lacy shorts, check. Four feet long legs, check. Studded boots, check. The great thing about her outfit though, is the fact that she can stop by Texas on her way back and still look like she knows what's up. 
Meanwhile, as seen in the image below, blogger Natalie Suarez in detail. She is the kind of person who lives for this shit, you can tell. The aztec backpack suggests she trusts no one and would rather carry her belongings around than leave them in some sketchy tent. But really, I agree. And the fringe, the fringe! Natalie, you belong to the desert, you love child. 

And somewhere within a walking distance, another blogger proved that you can take the girl out of New York, put you can't take New York out of the girl. Leandra Medine decided to stay true to herself even at Coachella, which is real hard people. But really, she rocks the same pair of Golden Goose, I want to say everyday. Virtual high five at you Leandra and your awesome kicks. 

Speaking of Leandra, who wore an Isabel Marant dress (see: above), transitions nicely into this detail porn below. Oh Felicity Sargent, you've found the way leading straight to my damn heart. All Isabel everything. 

No Coachella related fashion post should ever, under any circumstances exclude Kate Bosworth because if Coachella is a school she is the morthefucking head master and that is a fact. Kate and her man. Hi Kate! I love what you're wearing! You smell like sunshine!

And simply out of my enormous love to the ever so cool Alexa Chung I'm throwing in this one last image of Alexa being like: "Oh it's Coachella? Are you mad?" Alexa, you rock our world. 

April 11, 2013


May is the month I usually pack all my winter shit away and pull out the spring swag. The ritual almost always leaves me in panic of nothing-to-wear (as opposed to ready-to-wear, taking the responsibility for my jokes to another level - I now explain them, too.)

The above, in its turn, makes me want to jump out of my sneakers and run till I hit Barney's so I can max out my credit card. Which I never do because I'm really good at spending money. NOT. The truth is that I actually don't own a credit card, which is not all bad because it helps me in the way that I effectively stay out of debt. Priceless, right?

But back to my closet, so seriously in lack of the fresh spring vibe. What I usually end up doing is I act on impulse, and get the first thing I really like, convincing myself I will wear it at least once a week until summer. Which I do not, durr.

This spring I'm trying something new. I will come up with a list of basic items, easy to mix and match - these will be my fundamentals. Everything else I buy later on, I'll try to match to the following items and life will be more beautiful, and sun will shine brighter, and the closet will be organized like it has never, ever been before.

a. A pair of denim cutoffs. The one above is Ksubi, but I have a pair of vintage Levi's. We're celebrating our 3 year anniversary this summer, and it's been one of the happiest relationships in my life.
b. Utility jacket because I hate to break it to you but nights get chilly and you want to stay warm. Another reason, right of the top of my head: Do you have that dress that you want to wear but you look too "cute" in it? Thrown that jacket on. Good girl gone bad slash Rih effect.
c. A pair of flats to be able to run around in. When I say "run" I mean it. Half of my life is spent on running to catch the train, while the other half is spent waiting for it. I'm really into Superga but you dont have to.
d. This does not mean I don't wear heels. I do and I like them sky high. I do love them Isabel Marant.
e. A jumper, a dress, a one piece. But which one? It really doesn't matter because all that matters is you feeling awesome wearing it.
f. A couple basic tees. Enough said. This in style basic is IRO.
g. Never not wear a piece of jewelry. Tassels are in is what I heard.

Am I missing anything here?

April 6, 2013


If you really think about it, jewelry is like little sculptures, works of art. Then it should be no surprise that the art of jewelry has progressed its way into Surrealism. When I saw Infinity, the new look book by Delfina Delettrez I thought to myself, boy there were a lot of drugs involved. Or maybe a long lost grandson of Man Ray is just carrying out his grandfathers legacy? Dali? None of the above? I will never know but it’s a new direction and it’s executed beautifully. 
Also, I usually suck at DIY but, believe it or not, I’m looking for my acrylic paint tubes I have left from Art School, as I type. 
And since I’m in confession mode, chocker above is all I want in life. At the moment. 


Let me start this post with a question, do you live in the part of the world where it unapologetically snows in the middle of March? Where the first days of April are greeted with shameless cold? In New York, for example?

If your answer is no, I’m very happy for you (and a little jealous, too) but if your answer is yes, you know exactly where I’m going with this. Leave your house without a beanie, and the last bits of cold will come and get you. Luckily, beanies are very much in style and if you had any doubts I suggest you take a look at Cara above. She’s practically thrilled about her head piece.

For those who are not into graphics, you can still have fun with your beanie. There are those of bold and bright varieties. See: Miroslava Duma.

Neon is another popular way to go about it. Doesn’t she look happy? That’s because she is warm, people. The power of comfort. And last but not least is Natasha wearing a heavy knit in grey to make up for the hot pink fur piece. Gosh, she’s such a babe.


Are you completely, over the hill, over the Isabel Marant wedge? Are you? To be completely honest, I'm not. You know why? Because it's a sneaker that functions as a heel, and I have made such a big place for the concept in my heart that pulling it out at this point is impossible. But I'm always open for new options, as I'm sure you are too. So there it is. 
Photographed above is Phoebe Philo (Chloe, Celine durr) just chilling on a leopard couch in her leather pants and (dun dun dun) Nikes. And not just any Nikes, the good ol' Air Max 90's. The original wedge has made a major come back and I really like it.

For this special occasion I've pulled some options, like option a. right above that sentence. You see what did there just now? I matched the sneaker to the couch. I know it's not a special talent or anything but for some reason I'm very excited about it. So excited, that option b. right below is a textured variation.

There's a zebra, a tiger, a cheetah, a wedge and boy, do I hope the first three are faux. In the name of that, let's leave the pattern alone and do us some gold - option c. 

I can't decide if option c. is sweet or tacky but for the love of metallics I'm leaning towards sweet. Please do let know what you think, because it matters. And one for the road, a photograph of Phoebe walking backstage at Celine, smiling in a "can't wait to get out of here" sort of way, which is exactly what I'm doing but in a "can't wait to be back here" way. 

April 4, 2013


When I was younger I used to wear very proper ear attire. That is two symmetrically positioned stud earrings in each ear - left and right (just making sure we're on the same page here). 
As I grew older, I figured that was insanely boring and started to experiment. I wore bigger studs, flower shaped studs, not studs, hanging earrings, earrings that hung even lower, until I wore none at all. And not for the past four years.
One might as why, in which case the other one (myself?) will respond: I'm just not an earring person. And the statement above was true up until the moment I met these girls, right up there above the text, and instantly fell in love. 
You know what's so very unusual about these earrings, only like, everything is the fact that they don't come in pair which makes them that much more special and easier to commit to. (On commitment issues, stay tuned.)
Delfina Delettrez single earring version oneversion two, and three

And then there were these lips by AurĂ©lie Bidermann, which come in variations such as a. Chocker that I  am desperately in need for b. Hoop earrings which I definitely could do without and last but not least c. Bracelet so cool I am not even going to go there, you might not know it yet, but I just did you a favor. 

And here's one to the lips tie-able (is that a word? No?) around your neck like a bow, actually in a bow. These are the kind of lips that will make your $20 shirt from American Apparel look classier than, I don't know, Chanel flats for an afternoon stroll around Central Park? 
From left to right accordingly are enamel lips with crystals and a signature Lanvin bow,  Yazbukey plastic lip necklace with adjustable shoe string, and Sonia Rykiel 3-4-1 lips.

Now kiss or wear? Both. 

April 1, 2013


Katranwha?? That's right, Mary Kat-rant-zou. Wait till you see her designs you'll remember the name forever. I mean, it's the one above. A print explosion. Graphic designer's wet dream. This dress and the rest of the collection are unique in the way that there's a juctaposition of light and flowy design with heavy and bold graphics.

I first discovered it on Lena Perminova who really knows how to wear things. But then again, which 6 feet tall blond doesn't?

The collection is equipped with these precious pouchettes that remind me of a blown up stamp. The kind my grandmother has stocked in packs, somewhere in a suitcase in the attic, that has been great at collecting dust ever since Lenin was in the house (not our house). All while being heavily influenced by Asian culture.

The image above is curtesy of style.com, now do yourself a favor and check the rest of the collection here


When Celine dropped the Birkenstock bomb last year, I have to admit I did not take it seriously at all. Another runway trick, I told to myself. But the trend spread and eventually Celine was followed by Miu Miu, Gianbatista Valli and etc. At this point I am semi confused as per future of the certain footwear kind. Is it actually going to become a thing? Will models now stroll Soho in Birkenstocks instead of military boots of various brands? Will we, the mortals have to follow the trend? Very worried about this part specifically because I doubt I could pull it off, I'm no Ashley/Mary-Kate, and more importantly do I need to start taking pedicure more seriously?? 

And since I'm on a question roll, what is the solution to the fur situation above at a 90 degree weather? I've been tortured with the very same question ever since I've been introduced to Uggs. On that note, don't these babies remind you of an inside out version of Uggs? A little. 

I must say, if the world collectively agreed upon Birkenstocks I would go with Miu Miu. I find the badazzledness of it helps coping with the absence of a heel much better. It always helps avoiding the fur dilemma.