March 27, 2013


As I was checking my e-mail this morning a certain subject caught my attention. "Get ready for Spring, new arrivals in shoes" read the message from Alexander Wang himself. Well, maybe not himself, but maybe, just maybe himself. Did I lose you yet?

Back to the e-mail, filled with fresh Spring footwear, where I quickly found myself drawn to a particular pair (see above, but please never mind the toe situation), of course, in white. Why? Because white is the color of spring and probably summer too. 

This Oscar de la Renta shoe basically shouts "The Spring has sprung and so have I!"

Are you into the kind of shoe that actually covers at least 1/2 of your foot? YSL SLP (I can't.) has got you covered. Ah, the classic pump... 

But what if you, like I, live in New York, or any other public-transportation-challenged, due to parking space personal-vehicle-deprived city you're probably laughing at out as you read this. To those who don't - because these heels are made for anything BUT walking. So what's us girls to do? One word. Sneakers. They are comfortable, practical and guess what? That's right, they too come in white. Just look at these high-top beauties by Philippe Model. 

Are you convinced yet? No? See for yourself. Isabel Marant knows what's up, you should know by now. 

And if you're wondering if there are options that do not require selling your liver on black market, the answer is yes and I recommend the high-top Supergas, which just happen to be on sale for $56

I expect you all to have at least one pair of white shoes by May or else... 

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