April 25, 2013


A couple weeks back I stopped by Culture Fix, a gallery in the LES, for something completely unrelated, to find a bunch of these gems covering the walls. I instantly got drawn to the illustration style and the monochromatic quality. 

I walked closer and fell in love. The drawings are mean, they are hilarious, narcissistic, sarcastic, and urban in that New York sort of way.
I mingled around and met the awesome Anne Emond, the brain behind the series. Also, she never said the following, but I'm convinced the drawings are based on herself because she too had black hair and wore red lipstick. I think this is enough evidence, don't you?

You what's even awesomer? (I know it's not a word, asshole.) She gave me this link to her tumblr which she updates regularly, but this is not why I'm sharing this here, right now. I'm sharing this because it's a Thursday and I'm a good person, and this is what good people do. 


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