April 17, 2013


Here's a disclaimer: I wish I was French. Such a fucking cliche, and yet I still wish. I wish I had the perfect messy hair look. I wish I did not have to work for my body, instead just naturally be slim and have that model quality. I wish I could throw on a pair of jeans and look like the most stylish kid on the block. I wish I looked cool with a cigarette (I just don't). I took (still taking) french in college but can't get the desired pronunciation to save my own ass. And how cool would it be to talk about philosophy with the same amount of casualty as I do when I discuss an article on Thought Catalogue? 
I wish, I wish. I really do. But hey, the rest of us aren't that bad either, are we? We work with what we've got and that I believe only makes us more special and unique. 

If by this point you're wondering what the hell is it that I'm ranting about, it's just that I saw this croissant shaped clutch by Charlotte Olympia, a woman genius. And thought to myself "Wouldn't it be cool, if I were to wake up in Paris..." ok, ok, I'm done. 

Au revoir, bitches! 


  1. Hey, I can complete relate! The Parisians have inherited chicness.. it's a genetic thang now.

    Anyway, I enjoy your writing style. Wanna follow each other?


    1. Thank you! YES. Follow for follow for life.