April 1, 2013


When Celine dropped the Birkenstock bomb last year, I have to admit I did not take it seriously at all. Another runway trick, I told to myself. But the trend spread and eventually Celine was followed by Miu Miu, Gianbatista Valli and etc. At this point I am semi confused as per future of the certain footwear kind. Is it actually going to become a thing? Will models now stroll Soho in Birkenstocks instead of military boots of various brands? Will we, the mortals have to follow the trend? Very worried about this part specifically because I doubt I could pull it off, I'm no Ashley/Mary-Kate, and more importantly do I need to start taking pedicure more seriously?? 

And since I'm on a question roll, what is the solution to the fur situation above at a 90 degree weather? I've been tortured with the very same question ever since I've been introduced to Uggs. On that note, don't these babies remind you of an inside out version of Uggs? A little. 

I must say, if the world collectively agreed upon Birkenstocks I would go with Miu Miu. I find the badazzledness of it helps coping with the absence of a heel much better. It always helps avoiding the fur dilemma.

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