April 1, 2013


Katranwha?? That's right, Mary Kat-rant-zou. Wait till you see her designs you'll remember the name forever. I mean, it's the one above. A print explosion. Graphic designer's wet dream. This dress and the rest of the collection are unique in the way that there's a juctaposition of light and flowy design with heavy and bold graphics.

I first discovered it on Lena Perminova who really knows how to wear things. But then again, which 6 feet tall blond doesn't?

The collection is equipped with these precious pouchettes that remind me of a blown up stamp. The kind my grandmother has stocked in packs, somewhere in a suitcase in the attic, that has been great at collecting dust ever since Lenin was in the house (not our house). All while being heavily influenced by Asian culture.

The image above is curtesy of style.com, now do yourself a favor and check the rest of the collection here

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