April 11, 2013


May is the month I usually pack all my winter shit away and pull out the spring swag. The ritual almost always leaves me in panic of nothing-to-wear (as opposed to ready-to-wear, taking the responsibility for my jokes to another level - I now explain them, too.)

The above, in its turn, makes me want to jump out of my sneakers and run till I hit Barney's so I can max out my credit card. Which I never do because I'm really good at spending money. NOT. The truth is that I actually don't own a credit card, which is not all bad because it helps me in the way that I effectively stay out of debt. Priceless, right?

But back to my closet, so seriously in lack of the fresh spring vibe. What I usually end up doing is I act on impulse, and get the first thing I really like, convincing myself I will wear it at least once a week until summer. Which I do not, durr.

This spring I'm trying something new. I will come up with a list of basic items, easy to mix and match - these will be my fundamentals. Everything else I buy later on, I'll try to match to the following items and life will be more beautiful, and sun will shine brighter, and the closet will be organized like it has never, ever been before.

a. A pair of denim cutoffs. The one above is Ksubi, but I have a pair of vintage Levi's. We're celebrating our 3 year anniversary this summer, and it's been one of the happiest relationships in my life.
b. Utility jacket because I hate to break it to you but nights get chilly and you want to stay warm. Another reason, right of the top of my head: Do you have that dress that you want to wear but you look too "cute" in it? Thrown that jacket on. Good girl gone bad slash Rih effect.
c. A pair of flats to be able to run around in. When I say "run" I mean it. Half of my life is spent on running to catch the train, while the other half is spent waiting for it. I'm really into Superga but you dont have to.
d. This does not mean I don't wear heels. I do and I like them sky high. I do love them Isabel Marant.
e. A jumper, a dress, a one piece. But which one? It really doesn't matter because all that matters is you feeling awesome wearing it.
f. A couple basic tees. Enough said. This in style basic is IRO.
g. Never not wear a piece of jewelry. Tassels are in is what I heard.

Am I missing anything here?


  1. Wonderful choice...I like your blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa