April 15, 2013


Once a year, a certain event inexplicably triggers the populations of the world move to the west coast of our awesome country and dress as hippies. I'm talking tie dye, I'm talking flowers nested in hair, booty cutoffs, neons, Urban Outfitters at large. Unless you live under a rock (exception: not a desert rock) you've probably guessed it, I'm talking Coachella. The very same event every designer, publication, store, anyone with an Instagram account has a polyvored packing suggestion prepared for you weeks in advance. With so much hype around it, as the first weekend came to the end, I could not wait to see how the desert population interpreted the fashion. 

Alessandra Ambrosio is just like: "Coachella? I got this." I mean, do you see this hat? Do you see her arms stacked with passes that suggest she has not missed a single party that weekend? Do you see the rest?  Peasant blouse, check. Lacy shorts, check. Four feet long legs, check. Studded boots, check. The great thing about her outfit though, is the fact that she can stop by Texas on her way back and still look like she knows what's up. 
Meanwhile, as seen in the image below, blogger Natalie Suarez in detail. She is the kind of person who lives for this shit, you can tell. The aztec backpack suggests she trusts no one and would rather carry her belongings around than leave them in some sketchy tent. But really, I agree. And the fringe, the fringe! Natalie, you belong to the desert, you love child. 

And somewhere within a walking distance, another blogger proved that you can take the girl out of New York, put you can't take New York out of the girl. Leandra Medine decided to stay true to herself even at Coachella, which is real hard people. But really, she rocks the same pair of Golden Goose, I want to say everyday. Virtual high five at you Leandra and your awesome kicks. 

Speaking of Leandra, who wore an Isabel Marant dress (see: above), transitions nicely into this detail porn below. Oh Felicity Sargent, you've found the way leading straight to my damn heart. All Isabel everything. 

No Coachella related fashion post should ever, under any circumstances exclude Kate Bosworth because if Coachella is a school she is the morthefucking head master and that is a fact. Kate and her man. Hi Kate! I love what you're wearing! You smell like sunshine!

And simply out of my enormous love to the ever so cool Alexa Chung I'm throwing in this one last image of Alexa being like: "Oh it's Coachella? Are you mad?" Alexa, you rock our world. 

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