May 22, 2013


Summer is almost here and to me, above all, that means one thing: I'm going to have to shave, I'm going to have to do it frequently. I'm talking armpits, legs, arms, chin. Seriously joking about the latter. Ou pas. I am a woman with middle eastern heritage after all, and if you dont know what that means ill tell you right now - my hair is as thick as a toothpick and sometimes a number equal to or more than one will attempt to grow out of a single pore and that is that...
Then there's the painful, almost torturous presidure known as the Brazilian Wax. The thought of it flips my stomach. Which is why I will put this subject aside only to revisit and dedicate it a story of its own.
One might interrupt and ask when on earth will I shut the hell up about the mutant characteristics of my hair growth and start discussing the clothes I so carefully picked out for you, pictured above, to which I'll simply respond -- now. 
The Gigi bikini by ETE is to die for, so is the Maison Michel embroidered panama hat and Ancient Greek sandals. Ksubi shorts that you should have had by now because remember Spring Essentials? Isabel Marant blouse -- your ruffles remind me of ocean waves and breeze and nothing else. Oh, and I love you. Sophia Webster (featured twice this week now) heels, House of Holland sunglasses I've been lusting over for quite some time now and Zara blouse because is the shit so to speak. 
Am I missing things? Which things?! Tell me!

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