April 16, 2013


Last week Australia held a Fashion Week of its own and thank heavens Tommy Ton was there to monumentalize the event. Right off the bat here is where it's all at, so yeah. 
One of my favorite things about Fashion Weeks in general, is that there always is one somewhere. But don't let the fact that it's somewhere else intimidate you. You live in the age where social networks dominate one on one interaction. Geographic boundaries no more. Australia, mate.  
Will the Zimmerman blazer above ever tire me? Absolutely not. Tie that shirt around your waist, and not because you have cramps but because cover that bo-tey. Look awesome while doing so, too. 

Could the lady in the image preceding this sentence possibly make it as a third female member of Abba? She certainly could. My mom in the early ninety's. The winner takes it all.   

Pay particular attention to the silk bomber above I came this close to buying at Zara. Because Zara secretly thinks it's Phillip Lim and she is damn right to be confused. Patterns and prints, mix and match. I think I know what you're about Oz, and I like it.

How New York is this situation below? Acne + enormous printed silk cropped pants + Balenciaga. Downright cool. I think I might be in love.

Blogger Susie Bubble is in a pink bubble, wearing pink shades. Rocking them too. Girl, where'd you get this coat at?

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