April 15, 2013


Trends are always there. They emerge like phoenix from the ashes of trends before them, and the later before the previous. I have confused my own damn self. But I'm back at it. Trends, being there, give you an option- to follow or not to follow- a philosophical conundrum that has left many fashion lovers awake at night. Ah, the drama. But guess what? Not everything has to be planned and though through. Every once in a while a trend so fun will come back we will have have no other option but to follow.
Tassels. Seven letters (if plural, if not- six). One smiley face. Heck, one too many smiley faces. Wear them on your feet as seen at Jimmy Choo and Sophia Webster. Carry it squezzed tight in between your armpit even though it's Dolce & Gabbana, or even Accessorize. Hang it around your neck, the options here are as limited as the sky above our heads a. Akong London b. Dezso by Sara Beltran c. Sass and Bide. Schotch and Soda will wrap around your wrist in the best way possible while the D&G earrings will never leave your ear lobes unnoticed.
Am I missing something so great (must include tassels!) that it hurts? Let me know! Bye!

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