April 4, 2013


When I was younger I used to wear very proper ear attire. That is two symmetrically positioned stud earrings in each ear - left and right (just making sure we're on the same page here). 
As I grew older, I figured that was insanely boring and started to experiment. I wore bigger studs, flower shaped studs, not studs, hanging earrings, earrings that hung even lower, until I wore none at all. And not for the past four years.
One might as why, in which case the other one (myself?) will respond: I'm just not an earring person. And the statement above was true up until the moment I met these girls, right up there above the text, and instantly fell in love. 
You know what's so very unusual about these earrings, only like, everything is the fact that they don't come in pair which makes them that much more special and easier to commit to. (On commitment issues, stay tuned.)
Delfina Delettrez single earring version oneversion two, and three

And then there were these lips by AurĂ©lie Bidermann, which come in variations such as a. Chocker that I  am desperately in need for b. Hoop earrings which I definitely could do without and last but not least c. Bracelet so cool I am not even going to go there, you might not know it yet, but I just did you a favor. 

And here's one to the lips tie-able (is that a word? No?) around your neck like a bow, actually in a bow. These are the kind of lips that will make your $20 shirt from American Apparel look classier than, I don't know, Chanel flats for an afternoon stroll around Central Park? 
From left to right accordingly are enamel lips with crystals and a signature Lanvin bow,  Yazbukey plastic lip necklace with adjustable shoe string, and Sonia Rykiel 3-4-1 lips.

Now kiss or wear? Both. 

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